In German, we usually distinguish between a „happening“ and an „event“. Events are charged higher; they seem more substantial. It is difficult to determine what makes a happening an event. More a question of personal experience. Irrespective of all the facts and technology, this is the core question that every good organizer always asks himself: How can I create „events“ in which something remarkable happens? We wish we had a fixed answer for you. We know it is helpful to create an optimal environment for the people, but what does optimal mean – and for whom? Let’s be honest, every „event“ consists to a large extent of assumptions. We guess what might please whom, offer that, and hope for the best. Our advantage is that we can offer very different things in parallel. Let’s say our toolbox is well filled. And we have a lot of experience dealing with it. All this is at your disposal. And our curiosity about how we will make something special, together.

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