Lose weight and heal yourself with the forces of nature

The F.X. Mayr Centre in the Hölderlin House is led by experienced F.X. Mayr physician Dr Henk C. Hietkamp. Since 1997, it has been a refuge for discerning guests and an oasis of calm for those who want to regain their inner strength. The centre combines health and an exclusive stay with a focus on nutrition and eating habits, based on a timeless healing method founded by Dr Franz-Xaver Mayr that incorporates partial fasting. The individual rooms in the Hölderlin House have been designed with loving attention to detail and ensure a relaxed atmosphere.

The deliberate focus on the way guests manage their lives and their habits leads to greater awareness and perception of the body, mind and soul, and an increased acceptance of its needs in the midst of the peace and quiet of the English-style landscaped gardens. The naturally occurring healing remedies of water and peat mud, as well as its 200-year tradition of natural healing, makes Gräflicher Park the ideal place to achieve long-lasting health – without having to give up the things you enjoy.

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The basis of the F.X. Mayr treatment

We eat too quickly, too much, too often and at the wrong time, and we also eat the wrong things. This leads to feeling unwell, allergies, excess weight, digestive disorders, high blood pressure, circulation problems and many other ‘lifestyle-related illnesses’. Even with the best of intentions, increased psychological pressure and the best will in the world, it can often be difficult to solve unhealthy eating habits.

The Austrian naturopath Franz Xaver Mayr (1875–1965) developed a practical way out of this vicious circle: the F.X. Mayr treatment, which is named after him. This treatment is based on the recognition that most health problems result from the excessive demands we place on the digestive system. It tackles the root of a person’s health problems using eating and chewing exercises that help to purify the body. The cure also employs the body’s own healing powers – without making you feel hungry. This process is supported by various natural treatments. Positive results include a mental and physical feeling of lightness, removal of toxins, improved physical well-being and increased awareness of your body.

The four cornerstones of the F.X. Mayr treatment

Four cornerstones will help you to achieve better awareness of your body: Eating and chewing training leads to:

  • Preservation of the digestive system.
  • The drinking cure also leads to cleansing of the organism
  • Substitution comprises a medically prescribed dose of oils, protein, vitamins and healing water.

At the start of the F.X. Mayr treatment, guests undergo comprehensive diagnostic tests that form the basis for individual treatment and diet recommendations. Absolute peace and quiet will calm the autonomic nerve system. Healing water and herbal teas ensure thorough cleansing of the digestive tract. Stomach massages carried out by the F.X. Mayr physician improve circulation in the stomach area, decongest the liver and stimulate intestinal activity

The F.X. Mayr treatment offered at Gräflicher Park is characterised by the high number of first-rate treatments it offers. The 14-day treatment package includes 600 minutes for various treatments alone. We recommend Sunday as the best day to start. In order to achieve a long-lasting effect, your stay should last at least 14 days. Such intense focusing on yourself and your habits will have a positive effect on your everyday life even after the treatment has finished.

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