The Gräflicher district is known for its fallow deer and habitats dominated by natural beech regeneration. The combination of thickets and high forests in the wonderful landscape of the Teutoburg Forest provides almost perfect living conditions for fallow deer, wild boar and roe deer.

Since the early 1970s, there has also been a large contingent of mouflon which has developed well in the hilly habitat and provides healthy strong rams for the area every year. Red and sika deer can also be seen, all of which roam wildly.

Various deer can be hunted all year round. In spring and summer, the focus is on the roe deer with the highlight coming during rutting season at the end of July and beginning of August. In autumn, the red and fallow deer, whose mating season starts at the end of September or beginning of November, are hunted. In winter, particularly when it has snowed, mouflon rams are hunted, and chasing wild pigs is particularly exciting. The forest ranger Mr Waldhoff would be happy to give you information about stalking and hunting opportunities in the area.