‘Give me but one more summer, you Mighty Ones!

And an autumn to perfect my song,

So that, surfeited with sweet music,

My heart may then die, content.’

The poet Friedrich Hölderlin wrote this verse in memory of the happy time that he spent at the spa in Driburg with Susette Gontard in 1796, the muse he called Diotima. One of the reasons he travelled to Bad Driburg was to trace the story of the battle of Varus for himself, as, in the 18th century, it was thought the battle had taken place in Bad Driburg.

The Diotima Gesellschaft’s aim is to conceptually and materially promote the preservation of Gräflicher spa’s cultural heritage, as well as continuing and developing the idea that the spa and town are of historical and literary importance. It establishes cultural events with a national and international reputation in Bad Driburg, complete with works of artistic or cultural value for and in Bad Driburg. It hosts regular cultural events with renowned artists that often take place in the historic ballrooms at Gräflicher Park Hotel & Spa.